Learn Indian Cooking in York through workshops and classes

Sharmini teaches cookery courses in York and is a native of the southern Indian province of Kerala. The area is renowned for its vegetarian food. She also teaches non vegetarian dishes and caters to the favourite dishes of her students such as chicken tikka, lamb jalfrezi

Vegetable dishes include aubergine curry dressed with fresh tomatoes and egg, potato bake

Come and enjoy this introduction to a highly distinctive Indian cuisine, by following the up coming events below.

Hands - on cookery workshop-Non Vegetarian or Vegetarian
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Full Day Hands-on Non vegetarian or Vegetarian Cookery session

Date: April 9th

Day: Sunday

Time: 10.00 am - 3.00 pm

Venue:Joseph Rowntree School Haxby Road, York, North Yorkshire YO32 4BZ

“Learn how to prepare a full-fledged three course Indian meal for all your friends and family! The session will cover a starter and dip, 2 main dishes, 1 side dish and a rice dish.

Understand the magic of Indian cooking is in the choice of ingredients, their proportions and sequence of cooking.

With step-by-step guidance and tutor demonstration, you'll learn the sequence of cooking required to obtain the right colour, texture, aroma and flavour for each dish!
Adult Education: Non Vegetarian Course
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2200T1 Indian Cookery COSH0745FC
The mystery of Indian cookery is unveiled when you learn to cook a variety of Indian dishes using authentic methods and spices.

Date: 06/02/2017 Day: Mondays
Time: 19:00 to 21:00
Venue: Huntington School, Huntington Road, York, YO32 9WT
Duration: 8 weeks
Tutor: Sharmini Thomas
Costs: Full fee £90
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Sharmini's Recipe book on Sale
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'York's Favorite Indian recipes
Hands on Vegetarian workshop
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Vegetarian Subzi Delights (Veg)

Date: 20 November 2016

Day: Sunday

Time: 2.00 pm - 6.30 pm

Venue:Joseph Rowntree School Haxby Road, York, North Yorkshire YO32 4BZ

Sharmini and Steenbergs - organic partnership with Indian cookery.
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Sharmini's Inspirational Indian Cuisine collaborates with Steenbergs Organic spices.

Photoshoot in the new development kitchen at Steenbergs

Authentic Kerala fish curry cooked in clay pot.
Baked Chicken Tikka served in rich tomato curry.
Aromatic Chicken Briyani laced with rose water and petals.

Video will be released shortly.

Cookery Team building workshop for business
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Turn the 'I's to We - for the betterment of the organization

Cooking is the only profession which arouses all our 5 senses. At any party, complete strangers seem to bind quckly when they talk of their favorite food.

Therefore, having employees prepare meal together or watch a ' live demonstration ' is the perfect way of breaking down barriers with people from work.

Every person is an equal and important member of the team regardless of what role/hierarchy they are in your organization

It allows them to relate to each other and discover each individual's personality in a relaxed atmosphere, which is not always possible at work.

City of York-Observation report
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Sharmini Thomas

James McHugh

Huntington School

Course :
Authentic Indian Vegetarian Cooking



Time of session:7-9pm
Time of observation:7-8pm
Number on Register: 12
Number Present: 10
Withdrawals since start of course: 0

Background and contributory factors (including additional support)
A well established class which the Tutor has taught for over 17 years

Scheme of work: Well laid out
Lesson Plan: Simple and clear
Accommodation: Bright and Warm Resources: Well stocked & clean kitchen area & utensils Aims and intended outcomes of the session
To prepare and cook Naan Bread – (a much loved bread) & Palak Paneer –( vegetable dish Rich in protein